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Minor podiform chromite deposit, 1 of 1 in Troup county (in Georgia)

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Geologic Information
Other namesTurner
CountryUnited States
State or provinceGeorgia
Geographic location:33°4'41"N, 84°54'53"W
(-84.914722, 33.078056)
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Deposit typeminor podiform chromite
Model typeMinor Podiform
Deposit formlenses
Deposit texturemassive, disseminated, banded
Ore typeUnknown
Age of depositOrdovician
Age (m.y.)460million years
Area of deposit2787.7sq m
Ore body length91.4m
Ore body width30.5m
Geophysical anomalymagnetic
Host rock typedunite
Host rock length152
Host rock width61
Paleotectonic settingsuprasubduction
Ophiolite zonetectonite
Deposits < 10kmpodiform chromite, placer chromite
Rocks within 5kmdunite
biotite gneiss
Geologic map unit-84.9147222222222, 33.0780555555556
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Economic Information
Discovery date1870s
Startup date1929
Mine depth16.8m
Ore depth0m
Fe %17.78percent
Si2O2 %9.66percent
Reference information
CommentsProduced in 1929: 18 t of float ore of 33.76% Cr2O3, 9.66% SiO2, 17.78% FeO (Ballard, 1948). This ore was rejected as metallurgical ore because of the low grade and high iron content. Two lenses in place. Larger one is 24.4 m long, 10.7 m wide, 0.61 m thick. Smaller lens is 9 m east and 13.7 m below the surface, 0.3 m thick. No dimensions given on the smaller body. Based on the larger deposit dimensions, 560 t of chromite is estimated. Sample analyses found up to 51% Cr2O3, 15.3% Fe, 0.4% Ni; no Pt detected. Considerable lateritic and placer chromite deposits nearby. Troup County.
Ballard, T.J., 1948, Investigation of Louise chromite deposits, Troup County, GA: U.S. Bureau of Mines Report of Investigations R.I. 4311, 24 p.
Vincent, H.R., McConnell, K.I., and Perley, P.C., 1990, Geology of selected mafic and ultramafic rocks of Georgia--A review: Georgia Geological Survey Information Circular 82, 59 p.
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