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Minor podiform chromite deposit, 6 of 13 in San Luis Obispo county (in California)

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Geologic Information
Other namesLa Trinidad
CountryUnited States
State or provinceCalifornia
Geographic location:35°21'47"N, 120°41'12"W
(-120.686667, 35.363056)
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Deposit typeminor podiform chromite
Model typeBanded Podiform
Deposit formirregular pods, stringers
Deposit texturemassive, disseminated
Ore typeMetallurgical
Age of depositMiddle Jurassic (163.3±1.1 Ma, U-Pb apatite-feldspar isochron in gabbro)
Age (m.y.)163million years
Area of deposit2295sq m
Ore body length85m
Ore body width27m
Host rock typeserpentinized dunite
Host rock length20000
Host rock width4250
Paleotectonic settingsuprasubduction
Ophiolite zonetransition
Deposits < 10kmpodiform chromite
Rocks within 5kmserpentine
Geologic map unit-120.686666666667, 35.3630555555556
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Economic Information
Discovery date1918
Startup date1918
Tonnage0.005087million metric tons
Ore depth0m
Cr2O3 grade46percent
Rh grade0.005g/t
Ir grade0.042g/t
Ru grade0.09g/t
Pd grade0.0005g/t
Pt grade0.005g/t
Fe %14.39percent
Cr:Fe ratio2.18
Reference information
CommentsProduction 5,087 t ore. No reported grade, but analysis of crude ore was 18% chromite, 45.78% Cr2O3. Analysis 0.034-0.05 ppm Ir, <0.1-0.18 ppm Ru, 0.004-0.006 ppm Rh, <0.001-0.001 ppm Pd, <0.01-0.01 ppm Pt. San Luis Obispo County.
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