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Porphyry Cu deposit, 29 of 47 in China country (in Asia)

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Geologic Information
Deposit ID600
State or provinceQuinghai
Geographic location:32°9'N, 96°46'E
(96.766667, 32.15)
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Deposit type17Porphyry Cu
Age of deposit42.3–41.5
Age (m.y.)41.9million years
Rocks in depositmonzogranite porphyry
Geologic map unit96.7666666666667, 32.15
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Economic Information
Copper grade(unavailable)
Molybdenum grade(unavailable)
Gold grade(unavailable)
Silver grade(unavailable)
Reference information
CommentsYulong-Yunnan porphyry copper (molybdenum) belt.
Hou, Z., Ma, H., Khin, Z., Zhang, Y., Wang, M., Wang, Z., Pan, G., and Tang, R., 2003, The Himalayan Yulong porphyry copper belt: product of large-scale strike-slip faulting in eastern Tibet: Economic Geology, v. 98, p. 125–145.
Tang R., and Luo, H., 1995, The geology of Yulong porphyry (molybdenum) copper ore belt, Xizang (Tibet): No. 1 Party of Xizang Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, Beijing, Geological Publishing House, 320 p. (in Chinese with English summary).
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