Assessment tract permissive of mixed stratabound potash-bearing salt and halokinetic potash-bearing salt in Algeria-Libya-Morocco-Tunisia

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Geologic information

Deposit typemixed stratabound potash-bearing salt and halokinetic potash-bearing salt
Evaporite basinSaharan
Basin typemarine rift basin
Geologic unitSaliferous Units
Tectonic settingdivergent margin
Upper Triassic-Lower Jurassic
Minimum:Mesozoic-Jurassic-Lower Jurassic
Maximum:Mesozoic-Triassic-Upper Triassic
Potassium minerals:
Notes:Approximate area of potash-bearing salts and sulfates of the Saliferous Unit.

Economic information

Known K sites?Yes
Identified resources?No
Feature typesalt
Quality of informationE: Less than ten references with essentially no details or point information.
Assessment year2011
Assessment depth3km
AssessorsMark D. Cocker (USGS)
Qualitative assessmentR5: Very little information exists.
Tract delineationThe Saharan tract represents the extent of halite and sulfate salts within the Saharan evaporite basin. Original tract boundaries were approximated based on a figure from Turner and Sherif (2007, fig. 13), and were then modified based to include known potash and salt occurrences of the appropriate age. Geology from the African metallogenic map of Veselinovic-Williams and Frost-Killian (2003) was used to exclude areas where surface rocks were too old to host deposits.

Reference information

Nearby dataMorocco, Algeria
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