Gulf of Mexico

Assessment tract permissive of halokinetic potash-bearing salt in Mexico-United States of America

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Geologic information

CountryMexico-United States of America
Deposit typehalokinetic potash-bearing salt
Evaporite basinGulf of Mexico
Basin typemarine rift basin
Geologic unitLouann Salt [and equivalent units]
Tectonic settingdivergent margin
Upper Triassic-Lower Jurassic-Middle Jurassic
Minimum:Mesozoic-Jurassic-Middle Jurassic
Maximum:Mesozoic-Triassic-Upper Triassic
Potassium minerals:
Notes:Extent of known salt diapirs within Jurassic rock outcrop areas in the southeastern United States and eastern Mexico.

Economic information

Known K sites?Yes
Identified resources?No
Feature typesalt structures
Quality of informationincomplete
Assessment year2011
Assessment depth3km
AssessorsMark D. Cocker (USGS)
Qualitative assessmentR6: Tract is unlikely to be developed based on the available data in the opinion of the assessors; very little positive information exists.
Tract delineationThe Gulf of Mexico tract consists of areas of Jurassic salt diapirs believed to have the potential for potash were outlined within known areas of Jurassic rock occurrence in the southeastern United States and eastern Mexico as determined using Ege (1985, plate 1) and a geologic map of Mexico (University of Arizona Center for Mineral Resources, 1999).

Reference information

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