Assessment tract permissive of mixed stratabound potash-bearing salt and halokinetic potash-bearing salt in China

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Geologic information

Deposit typemixed stratabound potash-bearing salt and halokinetic potash-bearing salt
Evaporite basinLanping
Basin typecontinental rift basin
Geologic unitMengyejing Formation equivalent unit
Tectonic settingconvergent margin
Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene
Maximum:Mesozoic-Cretaceous-Upper Cretaceous
Potassium minerals:
Notes:Area underlain by potash-bearing Cretaceous Maha Sarakham Formation equivalents within the Lanping Basin.

Economic information

Known K sites?No
Identified resources?No
Feature typeunit
Quality of informationF: Very little or no information: potash is known or postulated to occur, and some regional geologic information can exist.
Assessment year2010
Assessment depth3km
AssessorsGreta J. Orris (USGS)
Qualitative assessmentR6: Tract is unlikely to be developed based on the available data in the opinion of the assessors; very little positive information exists.
Tract delineationThe Lanping tract represents Late Cretaceous and younger rocks of the Lanping Basin as shown on the Geological Map of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam (Tien, 1991); the area is a northern extension of evaporites which bear potash in the Simao Basin and inThai

Reference information

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