halokinetic potash-bearing salt in Germany

Geologic information

Location:10.11, 52.4912
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Site typegrouped mines/occurrences
Deposit typehalokinetic potash-bearing salt
Evaporite basinZechstein
Basin typeintracratonic basin
Geologic unitZechstein Group
Salt structureWathlingen-Hanigsen
Potassium minerals:
Other minerals:
Notes:Situated within the mushroom-shaped Wathlingen salt dome; mines exploited the Riedel potash seam; Stassfurt potash zone has not been mined.
Geologic map unit10.11, 52.4912
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Economic information

ThicknessReidel: 2-3.5m
Average grade14% K2O
StatusPast Production
CompanyK+S KALI GmbH (2009)
First year1910
Last year1997
K2O tonnage6.7Million tonnes
Data years1909-1995
Data sourceBeer (1996)

Reference information


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