Savannakhet Plain-Kengkok

stratabound potash-bearing salt in Lao People's Democratic Republic

Geologic information

CountryLao People's Democratic Republic
Location:105.1833, 16.5
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Site typemineral occurrence
Deposit typestratabound potash-bearing salt
Evaporite basinSakhon Nakhon
Basin typeintracratonic basin
Geologic unitMaha Sarakham Fm
Upper Cretaceous
Minimum:Mesozoic-Cretaceous-Upper Cretaceous
Maximum:Mesozoic-Cretaceous-Upper Cretaceous
Potassium minerals:
Other minerals:
Notes:Chinese literature classifies the Lao potash as part of the Paleocene Thangone Formation (Tan and others, 2010).
Geologic map unit105.1833, 16.5
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Economic information


Reference information


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