stratabound potash-bearing salt in Belarus

Geologic information

Location:27.5598, 52.8168
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Site typegrouped mines/occurrences
Deposit typestratabound potash-bearing salt
Evaporite basinPripyat
Basin typecontinental rift basin
Geologic unitLebedyan Horizon
Upper Devonian
Minimum:Paleozoic-Devonian-Upper Devonian-Famennian
Maximum:Paleozoic-Devonian-Upper Devonian-Famennian
Potassium minerals:
Other minerals:
Geologic map unit27.5598, 52.8168
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Economic information

Thickness2-7; 1-4; 4.5; 25-35m
Depth350-620; 370-700; 350-1200; 600-1335m
StatusActive Production (2012)
CompanyBelaruskali (2012)
First year1963
K2O tonnage1000Million tonnes
Data years1963-2003
Data sourceDakuko (2003)
Estimates of reserves or resources
Ore tonnage1) 4420; 2) 7200 A+B+C1+C2; 3) 3370Million tonnes
K2O tonnage1) 670; 2) 1130; 3) 800Million tonnes
Grade of K2O1) 15; 2) 15.7; 3) 15% of ore
Data source1) Garetsky and others (1982); 2) Garetsky and others (1984); Troitsky and others (1998)

Reference information


Starobin mining complex reached 1000 Mt production in 2003.


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