stratabound potash-bearing salt in Brazil

Geologic information

Location:-37.0342, -10.6495
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Site typemine
Deposit typestratabound potash-bearing salt
Evaporite basinSergipe
Basin typemarine rift basin
Geologic unitMuribeca Fm-Ibura Mbr
Lower Cretaceous
Minimum:Mesozoic-Cretaceous-Lower Cretaceous-Aptian
Maximum:Mesozoic-Cretaceous-Lower Cretaceous-Aptian
Potassium minerals:
Other minerals:
Geologic map unit-37.0342, -10.6495
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Economic information

Thickness2-31.3 (ave 20.5)m
Average grade25% K2O
StatusActive Production (2006)
K2O tonnage18.45Million tonnes
Data yearsthrough 2002
Data sourcede Oliveira (2002)
Estimates of reserves or resources
Ore tonnage810 tot in situMillion tonnes
K2O tonnage201 tot in situMillion tonnes
Grade of K2O24.79% of ore
Data sourceCerqueira and others (1997)

Reference information


Near the city of Aracaju.


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