Clover Hill

halokinetic potash-bearing salt in Canada

Geologic information

Location:-65.5708, 45.56
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Site typemine
Deposit typehalokinetic potash-bearing salt
Evaporite basinMaritimes
Basin typeintracratonic basin
Geologic unitWindsor Group-Cassidy Lake Fm
Middle Mississippian
Minimum:Paleozoic-Carboniferous-Mississippian-Middle Mississippian-Visean
Maximum:Paleozoic-Carboniferous-Mississippian-Middle Mississippian-Visean
Potassium minerals:
Other minerals:
Geologic map unit-65.5708, 45.56
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Economic information

Thickness1-25 (ave 12)m
Average grade28% K2O
StatusPast Production
First year1985
Estimates of reserves or resources
Ore tonnage>230 prov+prob+possMillion tonnes
Grade of K2O28% of ore
Data years1986
Data sourceWebb (2009)

Reference information


2 years production.


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