Global distribution of selected mines, deposits, and districts of critical minerals

Approximate locations and short descriptions of mines, deposits, and districts where critical minerals are found. The critical minerals are discussed in USGS Professional Paper 1802, and many of these locations are described in further detail in that report.


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USGS Professional Paper 1802

Critical mineral resources of the United States--Economic and environmental geology and prospects for future supply

USGS Professional Paper 1802-A

Critical Mineral Resources of the United States--An Introduction

Schulz, K.J., DeYoung, J.H., Jr., Bradley, D.C., and Seal, R.R., II

USGS Professional Paper 1802-B

Environmental Considerations Related to Mining of Nonfuel Minerals

Seal, R.R., II, Piatak, N.M., Kimball, B.E., and Hammarstrom, J.M.

USGS Professional Paper 1802-C


Seal, R.R., II, Schulz, K.J., and DeYoung, J.H., Jr., with contributions from David M. Sutphin, Lawrence J. Drew, James F. Carlin, Jr., and Byron R. Berger

USGS Professional Paper 1802-D

Barite (Barium)

Johnson, C.A., Piatak, N.M., and Miller, M.M.

USGS Professional Paper 1802-E


Foley, N.K., Jaskula, B.W., Piatak, N.M., and Schulte, R.F.

USGS Professional Paper 1802-F


Slack, J.F., Kimball, B.E., and Shedd, K.B.

USGS Professional Paper 1802-G


Hayes, T.S., Miller, M.M., Orris, G.J., and Piatak, N.M.

USGS Professional Paper 1802-H


Foley, N.K., Jaskula, B.W., Kimball, B.E., and Schulte, R.F.

USGS Professional Paper 1802-I

Germanium and Indium

Shanks, W.C.P., III, Kimball, B.E., Tolcin, A.C., and Guberman, D.E.

USGS Professional Paper 1802-J


Robinson, G.R., Jr., Hammarstrom, J.M., and Olson, D.W.

USGS Professional Paper 1802-K


Bradley, D.C., Stillings, L.L., Jaskula, B.W., Munk, LeeAnn, and McCauley, A.D.

USGS Professional Paper 1802-L


Cannon, W.F., Kimball, B.E., and Corathers, L.A.

USGS Professional Paper 1802-M

Niobium and Tantalum

Schulz, K.J., Piatak, N.M., and Papp, J.F.

USGS Professional Paper 1802-N

Platinum-Group Elements

Zientek, M.L., Loferski, P.J., Parks, H.L., Schulte, R.F., and Seal, R.R., II

USGS Professional Paper 1802-O

Rare-Earth Elements

Van Gosen, B.S., Verplanck, P.L., Seal, R.R., II, Long, K.R., and Gambogi, Joseph

USGS Professional Paper 1802-P


John, D.A., Seal, R.R., II, and Polyak, D.E.

USGS Professional Paper 1802-Q


Stillings, L.L.

USGS Professional Paper 1802-R


Goldfarb, R.J., Berger, B.R., George, M.W., and Seal, R.R., II

USGS Professional Paper 1802-S


Kamilli, R.J., Kimball, B.E., and Carlin, J.F., Jr.

USGS Professional Paper 1802-T


Woodruff, L.G., Bedinger, G.M., and Piatak, N.M.

USGS Professional Paper 1802-U


Kelley, K.D., Scott, C.T., Polyak, D.E., and Kimball, B.E.

USGS Professional Paper 1802-V

Zirconium and Hafnium

Jones, J.V., III, Piatak, N.M., and Bedinger, G.M.

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