Chestnut prospect

Mica Prospect in Avery county, North Carolina

Chestnut prospect

Principal periods worked 1959
Workings 3 cuts 100-150 long, 10-20 deep.
Description of muscovite Green, bent
Shape Lenses
Size 1-3 T, 1-20 L
Strike NW
Dip SW
Relation to wallrock Concordant
Wallrock Interlayed hornblende and biotite gneiss
Extent of weathering Weathered
Remarks Pl-P-Q-M pegmatite, coarse grained; accessory biotite.
Source of information USGS

Geographic context


Principal periods worked
WWI World War I
WWII World War II
int intermittent
Small < 500 lb
Moderate 500-10,000 lb
Large > 10,000 lb
Size of pegmatite
D depth
L length
T thickness
avg average
Internal structure
B biotite
F feldspar
M muscovite
P perthite
Pl plagioclase
Q quartz
Source information
CMC Colonial Mica Corporation
DMEA Defense Minerals Exploration Administration
OME Office of Minerals Exploration
USGS U.S. Geological Survey
OF USGS open-file reports and maps