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Geologic map of Alaska

Digital compilation and reinterpretation of published and unpublished geologic mapping of Alaska. This information was published by USGS as Scientific Investigations Map 3340.


Show in a web browser window:

Show in Google Earth or other KML viewer:

sim3340.kml (This KML representation uses a tiled image service to show the geologic units. )

Show in your GIS using OGC web services: (WMS, version 1.3.0) (WFS, version 1.1.0)


Get the entire data set: (zipped shapefile 651M bytes)

Geospatial data with attributes, not related databases (File geodatabase 367M bytes)

Geospatial data with attributes, incorporating related databases (FileMaker, DBF, and comma-delimited text 77M bytes)

Ancillary tables relating the map to the sources from which it was compiled

List of the geologic units



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