Quartzite and pelitic schist

Unit symbol: PzPxyqs
Age range Devonian and older (635 to 358.9 Ma)
Lithology: Metamorphic
Group name: Pelitic schist and quartzite and mafic interbeds (Yukon-Tanana crystalline complex)
Dominantly quartzite, schistose quartzite, and quartz-mica schist; also contains subordinate gritty quartzite, chlorite schist, calc-silicate schist, marble, magnetite-biotite schist, amphibolite, and greenstone. Ranges from amphibolite to upper greenschist facies and locally retrograded to lower greenschist facies (Nokleberg and others, 1992a; Smith and others, 1994). Corresponds, in part, to the Fairbanks schist of Newberry and others (1996) of the Fairbanks mining district and surrounding areas of the southeastern Livengood and northeastern Fairbanks quadrangles (Robinson and others, 1990; Weber and others, 1992; Newberry and others, 1996) as well as a large portion of the Circle quadrangle (Foster and others, 1983). Smaller areas of exposure occur in the southern Big Delta quadrangle (Weber and others, 1978) and in the Eagle quadrangle (Foster, 1976). In the Circle quadrangle and northern Big Delta quadrangle, small exposures of gray or greenish-gray marble and gray to cream-colored dolomitic marble are included in this unit; diopside is present locally, indicating amphibolite facies metamorphism. No age control exists for these carbonate rocks

Source map information

Source map Weber, F.R., Wheeler, K.L., Rinehart, C.D., Chapman, R.M., and Blodgett, R.B., 1992, Geologic map of the Livengood quadrangle, Alaska: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 92-562, 19 p., scale 1:250,000.
Symbol Zfc
Unit name Cleary subunit
Description Fairbanks-White Mountains area: White felsic schist, micaceous quartzite, chloritic or actinolitic greenschist, greenstone, and marble. Lithologically, the protolith of combined Fairbanks schist and Wickersham units is continental shelf or slope facies which strongly resemble Windermere Supergroup in Canada. Alaska units offset right laterally along the Tintina fault system from Canada and are of same borderline Cambrian-Precambrian age, probably Hadrynian to Early Cambrian
Lithology Metamorphic

Correlated geologic units

Label PzZyqs
Description Fairbanks schist unit - Cleary subunit, white felsic schist, micaceous quartzite chloritic or actinolitic greenschist, greenstone and marble
Geologic age Paleozoic to Devonian
Geologic setting Sedimentary, undivided
Lithology Form Importance
Quartzite < Metaclastic < Metasedimentary < Metamorphic Greenschist Major
Mica-schist < Schist < Metamorphic Greenschist Major
Greenstone < Metaigneous < Metamorphic Greenschist Minor
Marble < Metacarbonate < Metasedimentary < Metamorphic Greenschist Minor