Marble, northern Alaska

Unit symbol: Pzcn
Age range early Paleozoic (541 to 323.2 Ma)
Lithology: Metamorphic
Group name: Marble
Ranges from light-gray to white, partly recrystallized limestone to coarsely crystalline marble to dark, finely crystalline dolomitic marble. Subordinate interbedded calc-schist, chloritic schist, and quartzite. Unit ranges in age from Ordovician to Mississippian and may locally include rocks as old as Cambrian. Contains scattered fossils (Patton and others, 2009). Primarily exposed in the Baird Mountains quadrangle

Source map information

Source map Karl, S.M., Dumoulin, J.A., Ellersieck, Inyo, Harris, A.G., and Schmidt, J.M., 1989, Preliminary geologic map of the Baird Mountains and part of the Selawik quadrangles, Alaska: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 89-551, 65 p., 1 sheet, scale 1:250,000.
Symbol Pzkm
Unit name Marble of Klery Creek
Description White-weathering, medium- to light-gray marble with subordinate intercalated gray to green quartz chlorite schist, black carbonaceous quartzite and tan calcareous mica schist.
Lithology Metamorphic

Correlated geologic units

Label Dm
Description Marble, northern Alaska, Paleozoic
Geologic age Cambrian to Mississippian
Geologic setting Sedimentary, carbonate
Lithology Form Importance
Marble < Metacarbonate < Metasedimentary < Metamorphic Major
Limestone < Carbonate < Sedimentary Bed Major
Mica-schist < Schist < Metamorphic Indeterminate, major
Dolostone < Carbonate < Sedimentary Bed Indeterminate, major
Phyllite < Metaclastic < Metasedimentary < Metamorphic Minor