Database structure

Table Description
datadxny Data dictionary, explaining tables and fields
pcu_deps_pros Porphyry copper deposits and prospects
pcu_groups Groups of closely-related porphyry copper deposits, for which characteristics such as grade and tonnage are aggregated
pcu_precambrian_deps_pros Precambrian porphyry copper deposits and prospects. Not used directly in the assessment, provided for reference.
pcu_sites_references Bibliographic references used for porphyry copper deposits and prospects
pcu_tracts Permissive tracts for porphyry copper deposits
pcu_tracts_references Bibliographic references used for porphyry copper permissive tracts
sedcu_deps_pros Sediment-hosted copper deposits and prospects
sedcu_references Bibliographic references used for sediment-hosted copper deposits
sedcu_tracts Permissive tracts for sediment-hosted copper deposits
commodity Commodity names or symbols, separated and associated with their importance, to facilitate search.
minerals Mineral names, separated, to facilitate search.

Database field categories

Site identification 39
Geographic location 28
Site characteristics 94
Economic analysis 75
Bibliographic reference 20
Metadata 23