Eastern Alkaline Province

A belt of Tertiary alkaline granitic rocks associated with back-arc or postsubduction extension
Tract ID 003pCu3010x
Country Mexico-United States of America
Commodity Cu
Study area name Mexico and US revised
Tectonic setting postconvergence
Deposit type porphyry copper
Grade-tonnage model Porphyry copper, Cu-Au subtype (Singer and others, 2008)
Geologic age
Geologic feature age Tertiary
Generalized age Tertiary
Oldest rocks age 60Ma
Youngest rocks age 0Ma
Age range 60Ma
Identified Cu resources 800,000metric tons
Mean Cu (t/sq km) 109t/sq km
Map scales used 250K, 500K

Results of the assessment

Assessment date 2008
Estimators Steve Ludington, Jane M. Hammarstrom, Gilpin R. Robinson, Jr., 1996 Team and Francisco Cendejas-Cruz, Enrique Espinosa, Floyd Gray, Efren Pérez-Segura, Martín Valencia-Morena, José Luis Rodríguez-Castañeda, Lukas Zürcher
Assessment depth 1km
Quantitative assessment Yes

Estimated number of deposits

Number of deposits Confidence level
1 90%
4 50%
10 10%
10 5%
10 1%
Mean estimated deposits 4.83 ±3.3 (0.68%)
Probability of mean 0.32
Probability of no copper 0.07

Estimated deposit density

(sq km)
Deposit density
per 100,000 sq km
1 5.83 137,400 4

Mean estimated tonnage

Copper 15,000,000
Molybdenum 87,000
Gold 1,100
Silver 4,900
Ore 3,000

Undiscovered copper resource

Confidence level 90% 50% 10% 5%
Tonnage 360,000 7,600,000 40,000,000 60,000,000

Economic analysis

Fraser country Colorado-New Mexico*-Texas
Fraser type 0.91%
Fraser high 0.09%
Typical cost 1%
High cost 0%
Infrastructure setting Typical
Comments on depth default
Expected depth distribution
0 - 250m 0.25
250m - 500m 0.25
500m - 1km 0.5
Economically recoverable resources
Copper 10,000,000t
Molybdenum 45,000t
Gold 570t
Silver 2,900t
Probability no econ recoverable 0.52
Econ NPV 3,200x $1M
Exp dollars 17.63x $1M/100,000 sq km
Exp value class Medium

Bibliographic references

General Hammarstrom and others (2010) and U.S. Geological Survey National Mineral Resource Assessment Team (2002)
Economic Robinson and Menzie (2012)

Deposits and prospects associated with this tract

Name Type State Country Development Details
Caballo Blanco prospect Veracruz Mexico Occurrence Details
Dos Amigos prospect Coahuila Mexico Occurrence Details
Sierra de San Carlos prospect Tamaulipas Mexico Occurrence Details
Allard deposit Colorado United States Occurrence Details
Cunningham Gulch prospect New Mexico United States Occurrence Details
Mudpuppy-Waterdog prospect New Mexico United States Occurrence Details
Orogrande prospect New Mexico United States Occurrence Details
The Blowout prospect Colorado United States Prospect Details
Gallo De Oro prospect Veracruz Mexico Occurrence Details
Cerrillos prospect New Mexico United States Occurrence Details
SOL prospect New Mexico United States Occurrence Details