Late Paleozoic Central Balkhash-Ili magmatic arc

Late Carboniferous to Permian magmatic-arc rocks
Tract ID 142pCu8004
Country Kazakhstan
Commodity Cu
Study area name West Central Asia
Tectonic setting continental margin
Deposit type porphyry copper
Grade-tonnage model General porphyry copper model (Singer and others, 2008)
Geologic age
Geologic feature age Late Carboniferous through Permian
Generalized age Paleozoic
Oldest rocks age 318.1Ma
Youngest rocks age 251Ma
Age range 67.1Ma
Mean Cu (t/sq km) 77t/sq km
Map scales used 200K, 1.5M

Results of the assessment

Assessment date 2010
Estimators Byron R. Berger, Lawrence J. Drew, Jane M. Hammarstrom, John C. Mars, Michael L. Zientek
Assessment depth 1km
Quantitative assessment Yes

Estimated number of deposits

Number of deposits Confidence level
2 50%
4 10%
5 5%
5 1%
Mean estimated deposits 2.08 ±1.65 (0.79%)
Probability of mean 0.26
Probability of no copper 0.21

Estimated deposit density

(sq km)
Deposit density
per 100,000 sq km
2.08 100,820 2

Mean estimated tonnage

Copper 7,800,000
Molybdenum 210,000
Gold 200
Silver 2,500
Ore 1,600

Undiscovered copper resource

Confidence level 50% 10% 5%
Tonnage 2,800,000 18,000,000 31,000,000

Economic analysis

Fraser country Kazakhstan
Fraser type 0.22%
Fraser high 0.79%
Typical cost 0%
High cost 1%
Infrastructure setting High cost
Comments on depth most of tract covered; locally I~V
Expected depth distribution
0 - 250m 0.1
250m - 500m 0.3
500m - 1km 0.6
Economically recoverable resources
Copper 3,500,000t
Molybdenum 76,000t
Gold 59t
Silver 1,100t
Probability no econ recoverable 0.85
Econ NPV 600x $1M
Exp dollars 0.84x $1M/100,000 sq km
Exp value class Very Low

Bibliographic references

General Berger and others (2014)
Economic Robinson and Menzie (2012)