Sediment-hosted stratabound copper (Sandstone copper) deposit in Windhoek, Namibia

Names and other identifiers

GMRAP ID 10844
Alternate names S
Tract name Northwest Botswana Rift (002rfCu2002)
Site status deposit

Geographic location

Country Namibia
State or province Windhoek
Geographic location 17.088929, -22.973703
Geologic map unit 17.088929, -22.973703
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Geologic information

Deposit type Sediment-hosted stratabound copper
Deposit subtype Sandstone copper
Age (Ma) 750Ma
Minerals chalcopyrite, bornite, pyrite, chalcocite, graphite

Commodity and development information

Major commodities Cu, Ag
Tonnage (Mt) 6Mt
Cu grade (%) 1.33%
Contained copper 81,000t

Reference information

Comments Deposit may occur in possible thrust block of Middle Proterozoic (Mesoproterozoic) age, in lagoonal facies formed in reducing environment, deposit metamorphosed-upper greenschist facies; 12.3 g/t Ag.
References Lee and Glenister (1976); Maiden and others (1984); Cox and others (2003); Andritzky (1998)
Site reference Zientek and others (in press)
Lee, J.E., and Glenister, D.A., 1976, Stratiform sulfide mineralization at Oamites copper mine, South West Africa: Economic Geology, v. 71, p. 369–383.
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Andritzky, G., 1998, Mineral map of Namibia: Geological Survey of Namibia, 1 map on 2 sheets, scale 1:1,000,000.