Porphyry copper(?) prospect in Banskobystricky kraj, Slovakia

Names and other identifiers

Tract name Northern Carpathians (150pCu6004)
Site status prospect

Geographic location

Country Slovakia
State or province Banskobystricky kraj
Geographic location 18.902222, 48.712222
Geologic map unit 18.902222, 48.712222
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Geologic information

Deposit type Porphyry copper(?)
Age (Ma) 16Ma
Age determination method radiometric
Age range ~16 Ma
Age reference Pécskay and others (1995)
Minerals altaite, arsenopyrite, chalcopyrite, electrum, galena, gold, polybasite, pyrite, sphalerite, tetrahedrite
Tectonic setting postconvergence
Stratigraphic age Miocene

Commodity and development information

Development status Prospect
Major commodities Au, Ag
Gold-Moly ratio -9999

Reference information

Comments Described as a porphyry and porphyry-related deposit in an old mining district. No data on past production. Cu, Au, Mo, Sn, and Ag reportedly present but no copper grade values cited. Resource (not thoroughly characterized): 25.2 Mt at 1.52 g/t Au and 11.43 g/t Ag. Kreminica gold project JORC compliant resources of 17.4 Mt, 1.68 g/t Au, 13.3 g/t Ag for gold associated with sheeted quartz vein.
Study area name Europe
References Lips and others (2006); Cunneen (2009a); Ortac Resources Ltd. (2011); Pécskay and others (1995)
Site reference Sutphin and others (2013)
Cunneen, Ron, 2009a, Slovakia gold project: EMED Mining, Geological Information Memorandum, April, 18 p.
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