Almas Group

Porphyry copper Group in Alba, Romania

Names and other identifiers

Tract name Apuseni Mountains (150pCu6003)
Group name Almas Group
Included sites Almas, Baba-Babuta, Breaza, Hanes-Large, Muncaceasca East, Muncaceasca West, and Trimpoiele prospects
Site status Group

Geographic location

Country Romania
State or province Alba
Geographic location 23.103, 46.131
Geologic map unit 23.103, 46.131
Nearby data

Geologic information

Deposit type Porphyry copper
Age range Neogene
Age reference geologic inference
Tectonic setting postconvergence
Stratigraphic age Neogene

Commodity and development information

Development status Prospect
Major commodities Cu

Reference information

Comments This group record includes data for the Almas, Baba-Babuta, Breaza, Hanes-Large, Muncaceasca East, Muncaceasca West, and Trimpoiele prospects; as such, the location information has been generalized. Almas surface sampling by European Goldfields returned one intercept of 63.15 g/t Au over 2 meters. Nine other samples returned values greater than 0.8 g/t Au.
Study area name Europe
References Cook and Ciobanu (2004); European Goldfields Ltd. (2004); Gratian and others (n.d.); Levine and others (2004); Milu and others (2004); Popa and Popa (2005); Singer and others (2008); Vlad and Orlandea (2004)
Site reference Sutphin and others (2013)
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