Porphyry copper deposit in Xinjiang, China

Names and other identifiers

Tract name Kazakh-Tarim (142pCu8505)
Included sites Tuwu, Yandong, Yanxi
Site status deposit

Geographic location

Country China
State or province Xinjiang
Geographic location 92.5576, 42.1038
Geologic map unit 92.5576, 42.1038
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Geologic information

Deposit type Porphyry copper
Age (Ma) 323Ma
Age determination method Re-Os molybdenite
Age range 323 ±3 Ma (Re-Os); 343 ±26 Ma (Re-Os)
Age reference Rui, Wang and Wang (2002a); Rui, Wang, Wang and Liu (2002); Zhang and others (2004)
Minerals bornite, chalcocite, chalcopyrite, covellite, digenite, molybdenite, pyrite, rickardite [Cu7Te5], sphalerite
Associated rocks granodiorite porphyry, plagiogranite porphyry, diorite porphyry, basalt, andesite, rhyolite, plagioclase porphyry, breccia
Tectonic setting island arc
Stratigraphic age Late Devonian–Carboniferous

Commodity and development information

Development status Producer
Major commodities Cu, Au, Ag
Minor commodities Mo, Pb, Zn
Tonnage (Mt) 674Mt
Cu grade (%) 0.61%
Mo grade (%) 0.01%
Au grade (g/t) 0.1g/t
Ag grade (g/t) 1.28g/t
Contained copper 4,100,000t
Gold-Moly ratio 10

Reference information

Comments Tuwu, though being mined, has no certified resource information, only estimates. Yandong exposed, Tuwu partially covered, Yanxi totally covered; Tuwu, Yandong, and Yangxi combined because of proximity, continuity. Main ore body 1400 m long and 30–100 m wide, but extends more than 500 m deep.
Study area name Central Asian Orogenic Belt
References Han and others (2003); Han and others (2006); Qin and others (2002); Zhang and others (2004); Zhang and others (2006); Zhang, Qin and Xiao (2008); Zhang, Li and others (2010); Zhu and others (2003); Lui and others (2005); Rui, Wang, Wang and Liu (2002); Gow (2011); Mao and others (2005); Singer and others (2008); Rui, Wang and Wang (2002a)
Site reference Mihalasky, Ludington, Hammarstrom, and others (2015)
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