Rosia Poieni

Porphyry copper (Cu-Au) deposit in Alba, Romania

Names and other identifiers

Tract name Apuseni Mountains (150pCu6003)
Site status deposit

Geographic location

Country Romania
State or province Alba
Geographic location 23.17735, 46.309951
Geologic map unit 23.17735, 46.309951
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Geologic information

Deposit type Porphyry copper
Deposit subtype Cu-Au
Age (Ma) 9.2Ma
Age determination method Ar-Ar
Age range 9.42–9.16 Ma
Age reference Marcoux and others (2002)
Minerals adularia, albite, alunite, anhydrite/gypsum, argentite, arsenopyrite, biotite, bornite, chalcopyrite, chlorite, diaspore, enargite/luzonite, epidote, galena, gold, hematite/specularite, illite/smectite, kaolinite/dickite, magnetite, marcasite, molybdenite, polybasite, proustite, pyrite, pyrophyllite, sericite, sphalerite, svanbergite, tetrahedrite, woodhouseite, zeolite, zunyite
Associated rocks breccia, diorite, andesite, claystone, gypsum, marl, sandstone
Tectonic setting postconvergence
Stratigraphic age Miocene

Commodity and development information

Development status Producer
Major commodities Cu, Au
Minor commodities Mo, Se, Ag
Tonnage (Mt) 431Mt
Cu grade (%) 0.55%
Au grade (g/t) 0.25g/t
Contained copper 2,400,000t
Gold-Moly ratio -9999

Reference information

Comments The Rosia Poieni deposit is a porphyry copper system with a high-sulfidation epithermal overprint. The system is about 3 Ma younger than the neighboring Rosia Montana epithermal deposit. Hydrothermal alteration and mineralization of this porphyry Cu-Au-(Mo) deposit are genetically related to the Middle Miocene shallow-level emplacement of a subvolcanic body, the Fundoaia microdiorite. Potassic, phyllic, advanced argillic, and propylitic hydrothermal alteration types are seen at Rosia Poieni. The deposit is overprinted by the nearly barren advanced argillic alteration. Deposit surface disurbance footprint about 11sq. km.
Study area name Europe
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Site reference Sutphin and others (2013)
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