Veliki Krivelj

Porphyry copper deposit in Bor, Serbia

Names and other identifiers

Tract name Transylvania-Balkan Mountains (150pCu6001)
Group name Bor Group
Included sites Group includes Bor, Borska Reka, and Veliki Krivelj deposits.
Site status deposit

Geographic location

Country Serbia
State or province Bor
Geographic location 22.115481, 44.121826
Geologic map unit 22.115481, 44.121826
Nearby data

Geologic information

Deposit type Porphyry copper
Age (Ma) 84Ma
Age determination method unknown
Age range 84–83 Ma
Age reference Singer and others (2008)
Minerals alunite, anhydrite/gypsum, biotite, bornite, chalcocite, chalcopyrite, chlorite, covellite, cubanite, enargite, epidote, fluorite, galena, garnet, hematite/specularite, kaolinite, magnetite, molybdenite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, pyrophyllite, scheelite, sericite, sphalerite, wollastonite, zeolite
Associated rocks andesite porphyry, dacite, diorite porphyry, quartz diorite porphyry, skarn, andesite, andesite agglomerate, andesite breccia, andesite tuff, argillite, limestone, shale
Tectonic setting continental margin
Stratigraphic age Late Cretaceous

Commodity and development information

Development status Prospect
Major commodities Cu, Au, Ag
Tonnage (Mt) 750Mt
Cu grade (%) 0.44%
Mo grade (%) 0.004%
Au grade (g/t) 0.068g/t
Contained copper 3,300,000t
Gold-Moly ratio 20

Reference information

Comments In concentrate: 16 ppb Pt, 70 ppb Pd. Exposed. Bor (Timoc) district.
Study area name Europe
References Anonymous (1973b); Armstrong and others (2005); Clark (1993); Clark and Ulrich (2004); Herrington and others (1998); Herrington and others (2003); Jankovic (1982); Jankovi? and others (1980); Monthel and others (2002); Tarkian and Stribrny (1999); Lips and others (2006); Ministry of Mining and Energy (2010); Singer and others (2008)
Site reference Sutphin and others (2013)
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