Mount Turner

Porphyry copper prospect in Queensland, Australia

Names and other identifiers

Alternate names Mt. Turner
Tract name East Tasmanide - Central sub-tract (009pCu8004b)
Site status prospect

Geographic location

Country Australia
State or province Queensland
Geographic location 143.40547, -18.255064
Geologic map unit 143.40547, -18.255064
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Geologic information

Deposit type Porphyry copper
Age (Ma) 310Ma
Age determination method Geologic inference
Age range 310 Ma
Age reference Horton (1978)
Minerals andalusite, arsenopyrite, biotite, bornite, chalcopyrite, chlorite, epidote, galena, kaolinite, molybdenite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, sericite, silver, sphalerite
Associated rocks granite, granodiorite porphyry, rhyolite porphyry, breccia
Tectonic setting continental margin
Stratigraphic age Late Carboniferous

Commodity and development information

Development status Prospect
Major commodities Cu
Gold-Moly ratio -9999

Reference information

Comments Porphyry-style arsenopyrite, bornite, chalcopyrite. <0.05% Cu, <0.01% Mo (Singer and others, 2008). Fracturing weak to moderate. Upper part exposed. Secondary enrichment weak.
Study area name Australia
References Baker and Horton (1982); Horton (1978); Lacy (1980); Murray (1986); Solomon and others (2000); Singer and others (2008); Ewers and others (2002)
Site reference Bookstrom and others (2014)
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