Porphyry copper prospect in Kerman, Iran

Names and other identifiers

Alternate names Sar Now
Tract name Kerman (142pCu9016)
Site status prospect

Geographic location

Country Iran
State or province Kerman
Geographic location 54.9833, 30.4833
Geologic map unit 54.9833, 30.4833
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Geologic information

Deposit type Porphyry copper
Age determination method Geologic inference
Age range Oligocene–Miocene
Age reference geologic inference
Minerals chalcocite, chalcopyrite, covellite, cuprite, galena, malachite, sphalerite
Associated rocks volcanic rocks, porphyritic quartz diorite
Tectonic setting continental margin
Stratigraphic age Oligocene–Miocene

Commodity and development information

Development status Prospect
Major commodities Cu, Mo, Au
Trace commodities Ag, Zn, Hg, Pb
Gold-Moly ratio -9999

Reference information

Comments Cu-Mo-Au porphyry prospect; exploration, geology, alteration, remote sensing.
Study area name Tethys
References Arian and others (2011); Honarmand and others (2011); Iran Geological Survey (2012a); Iran Geological Survey (2012b); Pour and others (2011); Shafiei (2010); Shafiei and others (2008); Shafiei and others (2009); Shafiei and Shahabpour (2008)
Site reference Zürcher and others (in press)
Arian, Mehran; Alizadeh, Hasan; and Noroozpour, Hamideh, 2011, Satellite geometry of faults and fractures and its relationship with porphyry deposits in northern parts of Dahaj-Sardoiyeh belt, south of Iran: Indian Journal of Science and Technology, v. 4, no. 10, p. 1303–1306. (Also available at, M., Ranjbar, H., and Shahabpour, J., 2011, Application of spectral analysis in mapping hydrothermal alteration of the northwestern part of the Kerman Cenozoic magmatic arc, Iran: Iran, Journal of Sciences, v. 22, p. 221–238. (Also available at Geological Survey, 2012a, Distribution of mineral deposits and occurences of copper: Iran Geological and Mineral Exploration Survey database, accessed June 25, 2012, at Geological Survey, 2012b, Distribution of mineral deposits and occurences of gold: Iran Geological and Mineral Exploration Survey database, accessed June 25, 2012, at, A.B., Hashim, Mazlan, and Marghany, Maged, 2011, Using spectral mapping techniques on short wave infrared bands of ASTER remote sensing data for alteration mineral mapping in SE Iran: International Journal of the Physical Sciences, v. 6, p. 917–939. (Also available at, Behnam, 2010, Lead isotope signatures of the igneous rocks and porphyry copper deposits from the Kerman Cenozoic magmatic arc (SE Iran), and their magmatic-metallogenic implications: Ore Geology Reviews, v. 38, p. 27–36. (Also available at, B., Shahabpour, J., and Haschke, M., 2008, Transition from Paleogene normal calc-alkaline to Neogene adakitic-like plutonism and Cu-metallogeny in the Kerman porphyry copper belt—Response to Neogene crustal thickening: Iran, Journal of Sciences, v. 19, p. 67–84. (Also available at, Behnam; Haschke, Michael; and Shahabpour, Jamshid, 2009, Recycling of orogenic arc crust triggers porphyry Cu mineralization in Kerman Cenozoic arc rocks, southeastern Iran: Mineralium Deposita, v. 44, p. 265–283. (Also available at, B., and Shahabpour, J., 2008, Gold distribution in porphyry copper deposits of Kerman region, southestern Iran: Iran, Journal of Sciences, v. 19, p. 247–260. (Also available at