Deposits and prospects used to assess undiscovered copper resources (with reported mineral neotocite)

Site name Country State or province Development
San Xavier North United States Arizona Occurrence
La Caridad Mexico Sonora Producer
Piedras Verdes Mexico Sonora Past Producer
San Isidro Mexico Michoacán Past Producer
Panantza Ecuador Morona-Santiago Occurrence
San Carlos Ecuador Morona-Santiago Occurrence
Tingo Peru Huancavelica Prospect
Gaby Chile Antofagasta Prospect
San Jorge Argentina Mendoza Prospect
Balak-5 Philippines Bohol Prospect
Aya Aya Philippines Negros Oriental Prospect
Star Mount Futik Papua New Guinea Western Prospect
Namosi Fiji Central Division Prospect
Coalstoun Australia Queensland Prospect
Cargo Australia New South Wales Prospect
Los Chancas Peru ApurĂ­mac Prospect
Whitewash Australia Queensland Prospect
Malmyzh Russian Federation Khabarovskiy kray Occurrence
Dasht-e-Kain Pakistan Baluchistan Prospect
Saindak Pakistan Baluchistan Producer
Site name Country State or province Development