Maps of hydrothermal alteration in the Basin and Range province of the US

Maps and data showing the geographic distribution of surficial minerals likely produced by hydrothermal alteration, which may indicate areas permissive of gold and copper mineral deposits.


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Download compressed KML for a specific type of alteration

Alteration type KML Download Size
Argillic argillic.kmz 55 MB
Phyllic phyllic.kmz 80 MB
Epidote-chlorite epi_chlor.kmz 103 MB
Carbonate carbonate.kmz 45 MB
Hydro-silica hydro_silica.kmz 101 MB


Get the entire data set: (zipped shapefile 587 MB)

Download zipped shapefile for a specific type of alteration

Alteration type Shapefile Size
Argillic 86
Phyllic 123
Epidote-chlorite 161
Carbonate 68
Hydro-silica 150



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