Critical mineral deposits of the US: Boss mine

Field Value
State Nevada
Geographic coordinates -115.57056, 35.81944
Mineral system Porphyry Cu-Mo-Au
Deposit type Polymetallic sulfide S-R-V-IS
Critical minerals PGE
Focus area Goodsprings mining district
Deposit category
CM-past producer (rank 1)
Historical critical mineral production reported; no reported resources or reserves. Includes site that may have resources left but have been reclaimed or under reclamation as Superfund sites.
Production Production (1886-1937): 396 troy oz Pt, 7,014 troy oz Ag, 594 troy oz Pd, 568,099 lbs Cu, 435 lbs Pb, and 1,771 troy oz Au. District production was ~109,000 tons (99,091 tonnes) Zn, 47,000 tons (42,727 tonnes) Pb, 2,500 tons (2,273 tonnes) Cu, 2.1 million oz (65,317 kg) Ag, 90,000 oz (2,799 kg) Au, and 1,300 oz (40 kg) Pt and Pd.
Resources Unknown. Exploration in 2013 but no resource estimates.
Bibliographic references
Longwell, C.R., Pampeyan, E.H., Bowyer, B., and Roberts, R.J., 1965, Geology and mineral deposits of Clark County, Nevada: Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Bulletin 62, 119 p., plate 1, scale 1:250,000.
van Angeren, P., 2013, Boss project, Goodsprings mining district, Clark Cunty, Nevada, USA: Geological assessment and exploration proposal (2013/14) for the Boss project: Report for Boxxer Gold Corp., Calgary, AB, 78 p.
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Geologic map unit -115.57056, 35.81944
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