Data dictionary conversion service

This service converts a data dictionary table into a snippet of CSDGM metadata that can be inserted into a metadata record.


  • The input file must be tab- or comma-delimited text with columns as follows:
    Table Name of the table
    Field Label of the field as it appears in the data files. If this field is blank, the description applies to the table itself.
    Description Explanation of the field's contents; may be a definition or description
    Minimum Minimum value if the field is numeric (may be omitted)
    Maximum Maximum value if the field is numeric (may be omitted)
    Units Units of measure if the field is numeric (may be omitted)
    Source Value for Attribute_Definition_Source (may be omitted)
    Unrepresentable Value for Unrepresentable_Domain (may be omitted)
  • First line should contain column headings, delimited with comma or tab, just like subsequent rows.
  • You can try it with example-eainfo.csv.
  • Fields must be specified in the order they appear in the tables (column order). Headings can be anything, they're ignored.
  • The first line for each table should have an empty field name and its description should refer to the table as a whole.
  • How to use this service: Example of usage with Tkme
  • Input file must be smaller than one megabyte.
  • Writing metadata? Get tools and help at
  • I want to hear about any problems you encounter so that I can fix them. Please let me know how it goes!